post title: awkward enough to name it in every way

tahun ni tahun last aku kat sekolah
*well, obviously =.=

tahun ni first time aku join Kelab Rukunegara
*well, it's oblivious (lol) =P

and for the first time in my life; I've been assigned as the Vice President of the club
*hell yeah, I was laughing my ass off when I knew it. I even smacked my face onto the wall =.=

footnote: sorry for the vulgar words

and our Mrs President is no other than that Amani Yaakob =.=
*such a strong chemistry that we got here? or is it the fate that's playing around with us? O.o


I was being a total jerk, bitch, witch, Lucifer; name it!
why? oh well, nothing
just being all bossy around my juniors, and acting all timid in front of my teachers but when they walked off from the classroom (or as I said earlier this evening: markas), the beasty and overly-confident me had shown off herself
*blame my PMS mode =.=

that girl; Amani was doing pretty well (in an awkward way <-- to me) until I stepped in front of them and began throwing some odd questions to them that maybe had freaked them out (or maybe they had questioned themselves WHY IN THE HELL THAT I CHOSE THIS FREAKING BITCH AS MY VICE PRESIDENT?)

I did not ruined anything. plus; I gave them the opportunity to dismiss earlier
*sweet enough of me? I'll gladly say YES! =D

erm... now what?
as we're both having such a big burden on our small shoulders, we should stop playing innocent when there's something happened and chickened out every time we're the one whom should be responsible, right?

if that's a yes, then I'll have to starting to be more mature.

or at least, let me try being much more responsible first; since I'm probably not ready to be mature (in that way) yet! (lol)

toodles! ;)

notakaki: adik-2 yang baca ni (kalau ada), akak nak mintak maaf laa kalau tadi cara akak cakap macam poyo or buat adik-2 terasa hati. akak memang macam tu; mulut pedas hati ... (loading)

err err err, tataw ahh! >.<
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