When it Rains

I miss you
when the rain start pouring
usually you’ll keep me warm
you’ll keep me in your embrace
you’ll sooth my fragile body
chasing away those chilly air that’s hitting me

When I started trembling
as the thunder hit my senses
you’ll tighten your grip on my waist
then kissed the crown of my head
whispering sweet words for me
to makes my tensed shoulder; relaxed

As the rain keeps pouring mercilessly
you ensure me that I’m safe by your side
occasionally kissing my bare neck and shoulder
your slender finger made me feeling sweet shudder
you tangled your strong feet with my feet
increasing both of our body heat

But now, you’re gone
no one would hold me when it rains
I’ll left alone in the dark
the chilly air would hit me, coldly
the thunder would kick me, harshly
the rain would keep pouring, mercilessly

I hate it when it rains
because it reminds me of you
of how much that I loved you

And I still do…


a short poem that I made when the rain was pouring hard in the midnight sky
oh well, blame me and my raging hormones
it's not happening in my real life
don't need to be freaked out =.=

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