the 2012, the school and the sick me

it's a bit late to post about new year
*oh yeah, nothing much =.=

but it's never too late to write about SCHOOL, kan? =P
so, here I am <3

tomorrow's gonna be the first day of school
am I ready?
a big NO for an answer


ya, saya sakit lagi tatkala tirai tahun baru diangkat =.=

so, esok nak p skolah
feeling? sat nak list

  • excited
  • frustrated
  • flustered
  • agitated
  • broken hearted
  • screwed
  • and so on...

okay, cukup merapu =.=
I wanna take my medicine now
I really need it in order to stay (at least) healthy for tomorrow

and to all my friends

because apparently
I'm gonna be a troublesome for you guys again this year (T_T)
Picit 'LIKE'

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