groaning =.=

I had my Microsoft Word page opened up
and I had this blog "posting" site too
*sigh =.=
now, where's my idea to keep writing that stupid english novel huh?!?!?!

I have to admit that I already know how the story gonna ends
and it's not going to be so soon
but somehow, I didn't know how to keep the story on track
  • what's gonna happen after this chapter? (even though I've arranged the plots and the story line)
  • am I gonna write it like a professional author, or just like a high school girl finishing her teacher's homework?
  • am I gonna rushed it to the ending, and leave behind all the pleasure while writing? (since I really love writing!)
  • do I need to kick my ass so that I can began writing now?
*sorry, yeah I'm a vulgar words user. wanna fight about that? =.=

aish, better go take a bath and start writing now!


well, you see
I might be being a bitch telling you this
but still, I'm sorry but I don't give a fuck to what you're thinking of me

I might be leaving you in curiosity, wanting to read my crappy not-so-english novel
but I'm really, really sorry <-- I meant it. I can't let any of you to read it
it's too personal and I don't think that most all of you gonna like it
*don't ask me how, but I just knew it. u see, u guys are not so hard to be predicted =.=
and don't give me that puppy eyes to beg me (as if!) if so, then I might be deleting all my piece of work and you do know that I'm not gonna be happy about it!

yes, I'm selfish!

but for once in my life, just let me be the idiot one just to make you guys clear. I love you guys so much that I don't mind hurting myself for you

I need to go now, wanna pee =P

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  1. I'm not writing it for u! *pout*
    aish, just don't think about it too much. but I'm so sorry if u're upset with me :'(

    *uwaaa!!! I wanna cry now!!! (T^T)*