bittersweet truth...?

the thing is
they said that students who got no. 25 and above will have to move to 5SN2 in 2012
well, lucky me that I got no. 28, right? =..=

a part of me was jumping happily
well, being able to step out from BJ class is one of my dreams since Form 1, syg
plus, I can be in the same class with my beloved-beastbest-friend-ever-so-cliche
*yeah, that Najwa Wajihah. wanna fight about it? =P
and I also can go back early since there's no BJ
*or maybe not because of kelas anjal. but hey, still NO BJ!!! >.<

oh yeah, the excitement is sooo cannot be seen here >.<

another part of me? well, she was... sobbing. hysterically, I means =(
breaking promises is not one of her favorite
and it kills her inside knowing that her friends is probably gonna ditch her away once she step away from them
*err, hyperbola? =..=
still, that thought is haunting her, badly T_T

I can list all the good and bad things about this class re-shuffle thing
but hey, it is a pain when the naked truth is u're not gonna stick to ur beloved friends who'd grown to be ur siblings, kan?
well, it's a pain in my ass right now =.=

I can't write anymore, feels like I'm gonna burst into crying out load for God's sake!
but hey, crying in the middle of the night in front of ur lappy is SO NOT COOL AT ALL!
so yeah, I'll end it here and sob later =P

well, it's after all a bittersweet truth. right? :')
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