a happy birthday wishes to my best friend

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to Najwa Wajihah...
Happy birthday to you...

yep, it's my best friend's birthday on 26th January
and as usual, I was deadly desperate to find out

I kept asking her
"What do you want for your birthday this year?"
and she always replied with
"I don't want anything."

and that really helps me, a lot (T_T)

so in the end, I got her nothing
oh yeah, until the school gonna re-open after this Chinese New Year break, I'll try to give her something

I asked some facebookers about what I'm gonna give to her as a birthday present
here's the response that I've got

and they also were a big help (=.=)

so, for this year
perhaps I'm just going to give her another letter
that contains sweet words and stuff
*bear with it <3

okay, actually I was going to post it here
but since it wouldn't be special if anyone else read it first before her
so, after I gave her the letter and the present <-- perhaps
I'll get the whole world know how beautiful friendship are

so, sweety
I'm going to take this chance to tell you that
I'm really grateful to have you as a friend
and I'm really thankful for you to made me opened up myself, to gave me a new hope that there's still someone for me to rely on as a best friend

and I love you, so, so much that you can never know
*believe it or not, I'm about to cry now =')
and in case that you love me too, I'm just gonna say

thank you

I'll try to post it sooner
so, till then~

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  1. This is a very nice post
    I am touch with how you express your happy birthday wishes for a friend.
    I'm sure your friend will feel appreciated and loved.
    Thumbs up to you, Nurul!