first day at school during the last year of school (?)

okay, the title is a bit... odd? O.o
*hell, I don't give a damn =P

okay, have you ever heard as the saying goes
there's always rainbow after the storm? <-- or something like that?
*oh well, I REALLY like made up story =P

ahh, whatever
the point is
*meh kita cakap bahasa melayu naa
setiap kejadian yang berlaku, ada hikmah di sebaliknya
*haa, gitulahh =.=

so, the 'storm' things are
  • I've been transferred to 5 Science 2
  • my friends from 4 Science 1 that managed to go to 5 Science 1 was mad at me (T_T)
  • Cikgu Farheen is my homeroom teacher
  • the teachers that's gonna teach me (mostly) aren't my favorite teachers <-- deal with it, honey
  • oh well, there's a senior that didn't made it for SPM last year are going to repeat her year; and she goes to our class (O.O)
  • I'm not going to be able to joke around with my former classmates anymore <-- aww super sad! (T^T)
  • I've been assigned to follow up the Phisycs <-- (was the spelling right? oh well) chart, that I've got no idea what's all about!

and if there's the stormy day, there will also be a sunny day, am I right? =) <-- bitter smile

so, the 'rainbow' things are
  • I've got to be with my BFF <-- not going to mention her name, I bet if you've been following my update then you'll know who she/he is =P
  • oh hey! that sweety Amani is also my classmate (>.<) <-- oh yeah, she's also had been kicked out from the 'Science 1" community (=.=)
  • the environment is not that stressing; since the Science 1 community (almost) always drove me crazy (T_T) <-- I'm not into the type of keep-study-and-study-and-have-the-books-with-you-all-the-time, hell I'm the opposite =P
  • I'm trying to learn to become more matured (?) <-- seriously, what's the point here girl?
  • oh hey, what I meant is; I'm trying to grow up in the new environment, since my new classmates are VERY different from my former classmates. so, I'm trying to mix up with them and learn few things about their 'community' <-- why does it seems so wrong no matter how I tried to portray it? *oh well, just please don't get the wrong idea (=.=) I've had ENOUGH of misunderstandings
  • the class is nearer to the stairs (>.<)
umm, I don't have any idea left (=.=)
so, till the next post then <3

anyway, I wanna remind you something
I'm not the type to change my attitudes drastically
so, don't expect too much for my change of my behavior. okay?
luvya~ (*_*)
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