yep, that's so freaking right
I'm having a fever, and it has been going on and on for a whole week already
and I couldn't live better than this
*sarcastic enough? thank you anyway -_-

so, might as well updating this blog as it has been like... forever since I last posted here
*well, not like anyone's gonna read it

exam's wave is currently being ferocious, as I must say
it has been a tough two weeks, and I've missed 2 subjects that equals to four papers
*wow! isn't it great? :D

the subjects that I missed was English and Modern Math. I had a terrible fever the night before and it didn't help much when I woke up in the morning, feeling all sore and groggy and shit! did I felt like being kissed by a bulldozer.

and it was a nice one

so, well, how I'm gonna say this?
*take a deep breath...

okay, hold it!

I'm not doing it on purpose, IF some of the people has been incriminating me, saying that I'm faking this shit bla bla bla as I always appear... healthy in front of their naked eyes.

and the smug on their face, really made me wanna give a blow

okay, I'm done bitching here. so wish me get well soon <3

out of all cute, sexy pictures that appears as the image result, I find this is the CUTEST ever.
I think I really had a thing with mice -_-

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