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So, yeah. I'm a UNISEL student now :)
Currently staying at Kota Puteri. Alhamdulillah, housemates are really friendly and roommates are soooooo freaking funny! :D

Sangat jauh. That's the word. UNISEL kampus BJ is veeerryyy BIG and my classes are going to be either at FasBio or FESS which is about 10 minutes walking.

Hiperbola. 5 minit dah sampai. But well, kalau jalan pakai kasut roda -,-v

The lecturers?
Hmm, Ms Kala, Mr Soo and Mdm Khatipah. Everyone is nice, but since it's still the ice-breaking season so each one of us are showing our good side.

Well, plastics. ;)


Yeah, yang last tu aku saja jee nak letak. First time nak try colour block kat sini. Haha. Cultural shock kau mai tang ni :P

Okay, nak lena. Esok, Sabtu and Ahad takdak kelas. Isnin pun diharap cuti birthday agong kat Selangor ni haa. Isnin ada debate. Like Ya Allah cuak hianggg :'(

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